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Clearly Divine

for Linda, from Peter

Lyrics by Lori Henson

Music by Erin Bode and Lawson White

Produced by Erin Bode and Lawson White

Recorded and mixed at Parlor Production Studio in Nashville, TN by Lawson White

Erin Bode, vocals

Lawson White, all instruments


Give the gift that will last for always:


When love is in your path
A glance across a room
May fill your heart in ways unseen 

Sunlight replacing gloom. 


From the moment
He first saw her
Beauty from the inside shone for the world to see. 


He was a young man
With a young man’s heart 

With dreams of growing old 

With her, not apart. 


All the while, as love waited
For place and God to align,
He lived a life almost complete knowing 

She’d reappear in time. 


Riding in his father’s new car 

Became their favorite thing 

To reconnect after time apart 

Whether brief or far between. 


In the fade of each night 

Whether laughing or silent 

God’s plan clearly in view 

They both knew.... 

They both knew


She was the girl
He wanted to see laugh.
He was the boy
Her heart couldn’t see past. 


She was the girl
With the puppy dog eyes. 

 He was the boy
That gave her time, 


To see what their world 

Could become
If they trusted
What was clearly Divine. 

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